Оригінальна назва: Dark Phoenix

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    • Тривалість:
      120 хв.
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    • Студія:
      20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment

    Про фільм

    This is a story about Gin Gray, one of the most beloved heroines of the Saga of "The X's Man", which is reincarnated in the legendary Dark Phoenix.

    By performing a deadly rescue mission in outer space, Gene is struck by some kind of cosmic power that transforms it into one of the most powerful mutants in the world.

    Fighting with this ever-changing force and simultaneously with his own personal demons, Jean becomes unmanageable, destroys the family of X-Men and threatens to destroy the very matter from which our planet is composed. The most intense and emotional film about Human X in history. The culmination of the 20-year-old cinema piano about X-Men, where the mutant family, whom we have already learned to love and love, is forced to fight the most devastating enemy-a member of his own family.